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Beauty and the Beast Jr.

Tot Production

(For ages 3-9 year olds)

Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice
Book by Linda Woolverton

Audio Files

Audio link to files on dropbox.

Short Show Synopsis:

Step into the enchanted world of Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST JR. Featuring songs from the Academy-Award winning animated feature, this stage version includes music by Alan Menken and the late Howard Ashman, along with new songs by Mr. Menken and Tim Rice.

Your audiences will be transported to the heart of provincial life in a lovely French town. When Maurice becomes lost in the woods on the way to the fair, he seeks shelter in an old castle, but the master of the castle is a horrible beast that takes him captive. Maurice's daughter, Belle, must then give up her freedom to save his life. Belle's taming of the unfortunate Beast and his ultimate transformation back into a handsome prince is a beloved fairy tale about very different people finding strength in one another and learning how to love.

This "tale as old as time" is filled with spectacular costume and set opportunities. Even more simply staged, Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST JR. offers students a great introduction to musical theatre, using familiar songs and characters to guide them through their production.

Link to MTI's website to read more and hear clips of the songs.

Production Staff:

Artistic Director Lindsey Chester
Director Lexie Farr
Musical Director TBA

Cast List Now Poster:

Congratulations to everyone !!!

Click her for cast list.

Rehearsal Location:

All About Theatre`s Studio - 325 Washington Street, Santa Cruz.

Casting / Audition Dates:

Part of the "All About Theatre experience" - is knowing that you are always welcome and can come through our doors no matter how much experience you do or don't have. We don't request anyone to have a monologue or song prepared. Simply arrive with a great attitude, ready to learn and have fun, meet new friends and collaborate together to create a masterpiece production. Our talented staff will teach you dance choreography, songs from the show and give you sides from the script that you get to practice and work on over the entire audition process. We are looking for 'potential' not 'perfection'. We hope that you will be inspired by each other and show us a glimpse of who you are as a performer so we can decide where is the best place for you in the show - where you can learn and grow further.

All auditions to be held at the 325 Washington Street AAT Studio.

General Auditions:
Monday February 6th - 3:45pm through 6pm
Wednesday February 8th - 3:45pm through 6pm
Friday February 10th - 3:45pm through 6pm

Monday February 13th - 3:45pm through 6pm
Wednesday February 15th - 3:45pm through 6pm

*** If you cannot attend any of the initial audition days, please email lindsey@allabouttheatre.org to ask about re-scheduling. You will still be able to be cast in the show.

How To Come Prepared To Auditions:

Listening to the sound track is always a great help... as well as familiarizing yourself with the story and the characters, as well as the time period that the show is set in.

We shall do the rest... inspire, nurture, teach you choreography, music and harmonies, staging of a show..!

Link to MTI's website to read more and hear clips of the songs.

General Rehearsals:

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
Mondays 3:45-6pm
Wednesdays 3:45-6pm
Fridays 3:45-6pm

REHEARSALS: 3-5 year olds will ONLY attend on Fridays and the occasional other rehearsals. The final week during "tech week"" we ask them to attend all of the tech week rehearsals - they will be dismissed to leave early so as not to keep them up too late.
  • General Note:
    ** Some students may not be able to arrive at 3:45pm due to traffic and school end times ~ just let us know and we shall work around it.

    **Some students may only be available Mondays and Fridays or Wednesdays and Fridays (for example) and we are able to alter the rehearsal schedule to accommodate them - please do not hesitate to email us to ask whether your situation can work.

  • Please be prepared to attend all the rehearsals with script in hand and having helped your child to listen to the audio accompaniment ahead of time (we will email to all families). We do allow for some conflicts (medical, family reunions, weddings etc...) but we will need to know about these prior to casting the show. The registration packet (emailed upon payment of the deposit) contains a Conflict Form which you'll need to hand in by the first day of auditions.

    NOTE: Rehearsals begin immediatley after auditions and casting - Friday, February 17th, 2017.
    All cast (aged 3-9) is called for the entire first rehearsal from 3:45pm through 6pm.

    After that we will return to the schedule of 5-9 year olds every Monday & Wednesday and then a select few on Fridays AND all 3-5 year olds every Friday.

    In general, we estimate that each child in the 5-9 year old group will attend every other friday rehearsal. This is due to the rehearsal calendar that the staff have devised and soemtimes we need to work around cast conflicts. We aim to give you a revised schedule every two weeks so you can plan your lives around that (carpooling, playdates, sports and more...)

    Mondays & Wednesdays
    All cast members signed up for the 5-9 year old slot.

    All Cast members signed up for the 3-5 year old slot
    A select group of the 5-9 year olds to work on smaller scenes and solos.


    Working based on the local Santa Cruz City Schools District Calendar:

    Spring Break - no rehearsals on Monday, Wednesday or Friday (April 3rd-7th, 2017.).

    Performance Dates:

    April 21st, 22nd & 23rd, 2017

    We will hold our usual 4 performances.

    Tuition Costs:

    Since we offer part-time option for 3-5 year olds there is a different tuition rate for each age group. Please see the breakdown below for complete information.

    Ages 3-5 year olds (only attending Fridays).
    $95.00 Audition Fee
    $300.00 Tuition
    $395.00 Total Fee

    * there is also a $25.00 discount for paying in full at the time of registration ($370.00).

    Ages 5-9 year olds (attending Mondays, Wednesdays and some Fridays).
    $95.00 Audition Fee
    $500.00 Tuition
    $595.00 Total Fee

    * there is also a $25.00 discount for paying in full at the time of registration ($570.00).
    Final Tuition Payments must be made in one payment within the first two weeks of the program. We do offer some financial assistance to those who need it (see below) and we can offer a payment plan for those who require that as well.

    If you have any questions about this please do contact us.

    Financial Assistance:

    If you require financial assistance please print out the application below. There are no guarantees and all applications must be received by the first day of the program to be considered.

  • Scholarship / Financial Aid Information

  • In addition, we offer a deferred payment plan (DPP) for families who cannot pay the lum sump upfront. Please email finance@allabouttheatre.org for more details.

    Registration Paperwork:

    * Register your child by paying the $95.00 deposit fee then print out the forms below and mail in (to complete your child's registration).

    Mail to:
    All About Theatre
    3338 Via Gargano
    Santa Cruz
    CA 95062

  • How To Prepare Information

  • Rules and Regulations Form

  • Conflict Form

  • Parent Volunteer Chart

  • Production Overview - Timeline

  • Parent Letter of Agreement

  • Actor-Parent Contract

  • Other Useful Documents to Look At:

  • How To Memorize Lines

  • Make-Up Needs for the Show

  • If you require financial assistance please print out the application below. There are no guarantees and all applications must be received by the first day of the program to be considered.

  • Scholarship / Financial Aid Information

  • Parent Responsibilities:

    We do mandate a set number of volunteer hours however within the rehearsal run of over three months it`s easy to put in an hour or two here and there (10-20 per family - depending on age of child). We also encourage families to solicit any program ads and aucition items that they are able to. We encourage more volunteer hours if there are two or more children per family in the production.

    Volunteering within your time frame includes (or can include) set painting, needlework, auction item soliciting, dressing-room, poster distribution, tech week supervisor and so on. These positions range from a couple of hours to 20 hours, so you can help in several areas or simply one to fulfill your hours. We rely upon the commitment of the teens and the parents to help in set construction and so on. We offer many different kinds of creative outlets to fulfill you volunteer hours that can work with people who have busy schedules that do not allow for more than a few hours of volunteer work per week. Jobs are separated into three categories; those that are needed to be completed earlier on / those that occur in the middle of the rehearsal run and those that are focused around the show itself (tech week and actual show weekend).

    We will email you closer to the first day of rehearsals to let you know when the Parent Meeting is schedule so that you can attend.

    How To Come Prepared To Auditions & Rehearsals

    Of course listen to the sound clips (use link above) and be familiar with the show and the material as we will be using some of them at call-backs...

    Specific Needs:
  • We request that each actor who comes to rehearsals wear dance wear. Whether that be jogging pants, comfy slacks or shorts, it does not matter. No jeans allowed. Leggings must be worn under skirts.
  • Dance shoes would be best but if none are owned, please be sure to have flexible soled shoes on for the dance auditions.
  • Please bring a water bottle and snacks as they will not be provided.

  • Casting Requirements:

  • Babette
  • Beast
  • Belle
  • Chip
  • Cogsworth
  • Gaston
  • Lefou
  • Lumiere
  • Madame De La Grande Bouche (Wardrobe)
  • Maurice
  • Monsieur D’Arque
  • Mrs Potts
  • Narrators
  • Old Beggar Woman
  • Enchantress
  • Servants
  • Gaston`s Silly Girls
  • Villagers

  • Musical numbers

    * Overture
    * Prologue
    * Belle
    * Maurice's Entrance
    * Into The Forest
    * Stranger in the House
    * Maurice And The Beast
    * Belle (Reprise)
    * You Follow Me!
    * Home
    * Home (Tag)
    * Gaston
    * Gaston (Reprise)
    * Be Our Guest
    * Something There
    * Human Again
    * Beauty and the Beast
    * The Mob Song
    * The Battle
    * Fight in the West Wing
    * Home (Reprise)
    * Transformation
    * Finale
    * Bows

    Show Synopsis:

    Once upon a time in a faraway land, an Enchantress turns a cruel, unfeeling Prince into a hideous Beast. To break the spell, the Beast must learn to love another and earn her love in return before the last petal falls from an enchanted rose.

    Ten years later, in a small village far below the Beast's castle, a beautiful and intelligent young woman, Belle, yearns for something more than her provincial life ("Belle"). On his way to show his invention at a fair, Belle's father, Maurice, gets lost and seeks shelter in a castle. Enchanted Servants - Cogsworth, Lumiere, Babette, Mrs. Potts and Chip - try to make Maurice comfortable, but the Beast imprisons the intruder. To the dismay of the Silly Girls who fawn over Gaston, the village brute proposed to Belle, who turns him down ("Belle - Reprise").

    When Belle sees Gaston's sidekick Lefou wearing her father's scarf, Belle runs off to search for him. Belle finds her missing father at the castle and offers herself in exchange for his freedom. The Beast agrees, sends Maurice back to the village, and escorts Belle to her bedroom, where she considers what she has done ("Home"). Seeing their guest forlorn, Mrs. Potts and Madame de la Grande Bouch comfort Belle ("Home - Tag").

    In the village tavern, Lefou and the Villagers try to lift Gaston's spirits ("Gaston"). When "crazy old" Maurice barges in claiming that he has seen a Beast, Gaston and Lefou form a plan to win Belle ("Gaston - Reprise"). At the castle, the Servants coach the Beast on how to act like a gentleman. When Belle refuses to accept the Beast's invitation to dinner, he loses his temper and tells her to starve.

    However, Lumiere and the Servants offer Belle an extravagant feast anyway ("Be Our Guest"). While Cogsworth gives Belle a tour of the castle, she wanders off into the forbidden West Wing. The Beast discovers her there and explodes, which causes the frightened Belle to flee the castle. In the forest, Belle is attacked by wolves. The Beast saves her but is injured in the process.

    Having a change of heart, Belle helps the Beast back to the castle and dresses his wounds. The Servants recognize something different between Belle and the Beast ("Something There") and express their hope that the spell may soon be broken ("Human Again"). Now dressed in a stunning gown, Belle dances with the Beast ("Beauty and the Beast").

    Despite this new friendship, Belle longs to see her father. Using the Beast's magic mirror, Belle sees that Maurice is in trouble, so the Beast lets her go. Belle finds Maurice in the forest and takes him home to the village, where Gaston has arranged for Monsieur D'Arque to take him to the lunatic asylum. Belle proves that her father is not crazy by showing the Beast in the Magic Mirror.

    Jealous of Belle's affection for someone else, Gaston whips the Villagers into a frenzy to storm the castle and kill the Beast ("The Mob Song"). While the Servants defend the castle from the Villagers' attack, Gaston confronts and stabs the Beast in the West Wing, then runs away in shame when the Beast refuses to kill him. Belle arrives and holds the dying Beast in her arms ("Home - Reprise"), while her weeping breaks the spell. The Beast transforms back into the Prince, the Servants become human again, and they all live happily ever after ("Finale").

    Lindsey Chester (Executive Director): 831-345-6340

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