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"A celebration of youthful independence . . . Genuine artistry and innovation . . . terrific tunes."

Show Dates

The Louden Nelson Center at 301 Center Street.
February 2nd-10th, 2018.


One of the most explosive movie musicals in recent memory now bursts onto the live stage. When Ren and his mother move from Chicago to a small farming town, Ren is prepared for the inevitable adjustment period at his new high school. What he isn`t prepared for are the rigorous local laws, including a ban on dancing. The ban is the brainchild of a preacher determined to exercise the control over the town youth that he cannot command in his own home. When the reverend`s rebellious daughter sets her cap for Ren, her roughneck boy friend tries to sabotage Ren`s reputation, with many of the locals eager to believe the worst about the new kid. To the rockin` rhythm of its Oscar-nominated top 40 score (the soundtrack album reached number one on the Billboard charts and has sold over 15 million copies!) to which new, dynamic songs have been added, FOOTLOOSE celebrates the wisdom of listening to young people, guiding them with a warm heart and an open mind.

Register Now:

Simply fill out the embedded form and submit to start the process. After we have received the completed registration form we shall send you a link to pay the $95.00 deposit and an option to pay the remaining tuition.


Artistic Director - Lindsey Chester
Musical Director - Mazera Cox-Goulter
Vocal Coach - Eleanor Hunter
Assistant Director - Emily Schneidermann
Choreographer - Mara Espinoza

General Rehearsals:

Starting Sunday October 22nd, 2017.

  • Sundays (12-5pm), Tuesdays & Thursdays (4pm-6:30pm)
  • Each week select students may be called in Tuesday or Thursday but not every rehearsal.

  • Please be prepared to attend all the rehearsals should your child be called. We do allow for some conflicts (medical, family reunions, weddings etc...) but we will need to know about these prior to casting the show. Your registration form contains a Conflict Section which you'll complete to the best of your ability.

    Audition Week:

    Saturday & Sunday October 14th & 15th from 12-5pm.

    We encourage students to come both days as one will be more focused on Dance and Acting and the other training and audition experience with music.

    Tuesday & Thursday October 17th & 19th from 4-6:30pm.

    On these remaining audition days we shall audition the dance routines taught over the weekend, teach vocal call-back material & harmonies and practice reads for all the character parts in the production.

    Please let us know if you are unable to attend any of the audition week days as we can accommodate conflicts if we know in advance...!

    How To Come Prepared To Auditions & Rehearsals

    We request that each actor who comes to rehearsals wear dance wear. Whether that be yoga pants, comfy slacks, leggings or shorts, it does not matter.

    Dance shoes would be best but if none are owned, please be sure to have flexible soled shoes on for the dance auditions. Opened toed shoes are not permitted.

    Please bring a water bottle and snacks as you will need to fuel your body.

    Important Dates:

  • October 12 - All Registration forms and fees due ($95/student) / Deadline for Early Bird Registration
  • October 14 - Day 1 of Audition Week @ AAT Studio, 325 Washington St, SC
  • October 22 - All tuition fees due in full unless otherwise arranged with AAT finance (late fees after Oct 29)
  • October 29 - Parent Meeting @ AAT Studio from 5-6pm (please try to attend this important meeting)
  • November 22 to 27 - Thanksgiving Break
  • December 22 to January 6th - Winter Break
  • January 14 or 21 (TBD) - Orchestra Sit and Sing @ AAT Studio
  • January 28 - Load-in @ AAT Studio (4-6 hour commitment). Move all sets etc. to Louden and assemble.
  • January 29 - Tech Week begins @ Louden Nelson (Mon/Tues: 4:00-8:30 and Wed/Thur: 4:00-9:30)
  • February 2-10 - Performances @ Louden Nelson (Fridays - 7pm / Saturdays - 2pm & 7pm)
  • February 11 - Strike @ Louden Nelson (3-4 hour commitment). Break down and return everything.
  • February 11 - Cast Party (Date subject to change)


  • Rehearsal Location - AAT Studio, 325 Washington St., Santa Cruz
  • Tech Week Location - Louden Nelson Theater, 301 Center St., Santa Cruz
  • Performance Location - Louden Nelson Theater, 301 Center St., Santa Cruz

  • Parent Responsibilities:

    We do mandate a set number of volunteer hours (20 per family). Volunteering within your time frames for positions from set painting, needlework, auction item soliciting, dressing-room, poster distribution, tech week supervisor and so on. These positions range from a couple of hours to 20+ hours,so you can help in several areas or simply one to fulfill your hours. We rely upon the commitment of the teens and the parents to help in set construction and so on. We have found that this releases the pressure on some families whose lives do not allow for more than a few hours of volunteer work.

    Tuition Costs:

    $95.00 Deposit
    $600.00 Tuition
    $695.00 Total Fee

    * Early bird tuition rate (pay by October 12th) $630.00.
    * there is also a $100.00 discount for siblings in the same show.

    If you have any questions about this please do contact us at finance@allabouttheatre.org.

    Tech Week:

    Tech Week is the week before we open - the January 29th-February 1st.
    There will be a SIT and SING with the orchestra on the Sunday January 14th or 21st, 2018.

    *All Weekday rehearsals in tech week will be held at Louden Nelson Center.

  • Monday arrive at Louden at 4pm until 8:30pm
  • Tuesday arrive at Louden at 4pm until 8:30pm
  • Wednesday arrive at Louden at 4pm until 9:30pm
  • Thursday arrive at Louden at 4pm until 9:30pm

  • * We shall try to let the kids out as early as possible on Wednesday and Thursday...

    Cast List

    Here is a list of the possible characters in the production - get ready to "cut loose"!

  • Ren McCormack
  • Ethel McCormack
  • Rev. Shaw Moore
  • Vi Moore
  • Ariel Moore
  • Lulu (Ren`s Aunt)
  • Rusty (Trio)
  • Urleen (Trio)
  • Wendy Jo (Trio)
  • Chuck Cranston
  • Lyle (Chuck`s Friend)
  • Travis (Chuck`s Friend)
  • Willard Hewitt
  • Betty Blast (owner of Burger Blast)
  • Coach Dunbar
  • Eleanor Dunbar
  • Principal Clark
  • Jeter (Ren`s Friend)
  • Bickle (Ren`s Friend)
  • Garvin (Ren`s Friend)
  • Cowboy Bob
  • Chicago "Footloose" Vocal Quartet
  • Cop
  • Cowboy Girl
  • Teen & Adult Ensemble
  • Core Dancers and more...

  • Musical Numbers

  • Footloose
  • On Any Sunday
  • The Girl Gets Around
  • I Can`t Stand Still
  • Somebody`s Eyes
  • Learning To Be Silent
  • Holding Out For A Hero
  • Somebody`s Eyes (Reprise)
  • Heaven Help Me
  • I`m Free/Heaven Help Me
  • Still Rockin`
  • Let`s Hear It For The Boy
  • Can You Find It In Your Heart?
  • Dancing Is Not A Crime
  • Mama Says (You Can`t Back Down)
  • Almost Paradise
  • Heaven Help Me (Reprise)
  • Can You Find It In Your Heart? (Reprise)
  • Footloose (Finale)
  • Megamix (Optional)

  • Scene Breakdown

    Click here for the Scene Breakdown.

    Awards and Nominations

  • Four 1999 Tony Award Nominations
  • One 1999 Grammy Award Nomination, Best Original Cast Recording
  • Two 1985 Academy Award Nominations for Best Song ("Footloose," "Let`s Hear It For The Boy")
  • Two 1985 Grammy Award Nominations, including Best Soundtrack Album

  • Critics Quotes

  • "A celebration of youthful independence . . . Genuine artistry and innovation . . .terrific tunes."
    - Variety

  • "A crackling show . . .better than the movie!"
    - Green Bay Press- Gazette

  • "This is a show you want to dance to! The score is the best kind of blast from the past!"
    - Cincinnati Enquirer

  • "FOOTLOOSE has the potential to become the next GREASE!"
    - Baltimore Sun

  • "FOOTLOOSE is an exuberant entertainment, bursting to life with music, romance and dance."
    - L.A. Movie Gazette

  • "One of the most extraordinary musicals ever to come out of Hollywood. FOOTLOOSE blends fantastical situations with important issues and balances them perfectly."
    - LA Weekly

  • Detailed Synopsis

    Act 1
    Ren MacCormack is in a dance club in Chicago ("Footloose") and finds out from his mother, Ethel, that they are moving to a town called Bomont. In Bomont, Ren and Ethel attend church and get their first glimpse of Reverend Shaw Moore ("On Any Sunday") who is a big authority figure in the town. After church, the Reverend`s daughter, Ariel, runs off to find her boyfriend Chuck Cranston, who is, for lack of a better term, trailer trash, and only wants to get in Ariel`s pants ("The Girl Gets Around"). While they are embracing, the Reverend shows up and catches Chuck with his hands around his daughter. He is not happy.

    The next day, Ren shows up for school and immediately becomes friends with Willard Hewitt, a Cowboy with a bad attitude and a strong loyalty to his mother. Ren tells Willard of the dancing he used to do in Chicago ("I Can`t Stand Still"). Willard tries to stop him from dancing in the middle of the school, but Ren ignores him and puts on a show in front of the school principal, who angrily explains that dancing is illegal in the town of Bomont. Willard defends Ren, saying that he is new in town and does not know the rules. After the principal leaves, Rusty, who is madly in love with Willard, tells him how brave he is to have stood up the principal on Ren`s behalf. Rusty then explains to an amazed Ren that dancing is illegal ("Somebody`s Eyes") after Reverend Moore passed a law forbidding dancing after his son died in a car accident returning from a dance.

    In the next scene we see Ethel, who has gone over to the Moore house to have tea with the Reverend`s wife, Vi Moore. The two discuss how no one listens to them and everyone is set in their own ways ("Learning to be Silent"). After school that day, several of the students go to Betty Blast`s, a burger restaurant. Ariel, Rusty and their friends are doing homework at a table while Willard talks to Ren, who is dressed up in a waiter`s uniform as he has just been hired to work at the restaurant. When Ren takes Ariel`s order, she flirts with him. He returns to Willard, who warns Ren that Chuck Cranston would not be happy if Ren were to become involved with Ariel. Ren then proceeds to question Willard about his relationship with Rusty. Willard proclaims that he thinks she is very good looking, but is annoyed by her nonstop talking. The scene shifts back to Ariel`s conversation with her friends, and she is talking about how she wants to find a decent guy ("Holding Out for a Hero"). As she finishes her song, Chuck shows up and starts to yell at Ariel. Ren and Willard come to her defense, but it is Betty, the owner of the restaurant, who breaks up the fight.

    After Ren gets off work, Ariel takes him to her secret place beneath the train tracks where she discusses her hatred of Bomont. Afterwards, Ren walks her home where we meet the Reverend and Vi, who defends Ariel to Reverend Shaw, who tells her that he doesn`t want her talking to Ren anymore. Ariel storms off to her room and Vi tells Shaw that he`s being too hard on her. After Vi leaves the room, Shaw ponderers whether or not he is being fair with her ("Heaven Help Me").

    At school the next day, Ren shows up late to gym class and explains to the teacher that he was jumped by Chuck, but the teacher won`t listen. Standing with Ariel and Willard, Ren realizes that the only way to beat the town is to get all the teenagers together and throw a dance. Willard tells Ren that he is insane, but Ren won`t listen and tells all of the students of his idea ("I`m Free").

    Act 2
    Act two opens with Ren, Ariel, Willard, and Rusty in a town miles from Bomont where there is a big dance hall, complete with a country band ("Let`s Make Believe We`re in Love"). Rusty repeatedly attempts to dance with Willard, but he weasels his way out, dragging Ren off to the bar to get drinks. There, he explains to Ren that he doesn`t know how to dance. Rusty overhears them, and so do several cowboys, who begin to mock Willard. Rusty comes to his defense, saying that he might not be perfect, but she loves him anyway ("Let`s Hear it for the Boy"). During Rusty`s song, Ren tries to teach Willard to dance, and the song ends with Willard whipping off an amazing dance combination, much to Rusty`s surprise.

    When Ren brings Ariel home, Shaw is extremely angry with her for seeing Ren. He almost hits her, but he stops himself and Ariel runs from the room. Vi talks to Shaw and tries to explain that he is too hard on her and that she doesn`t mean to make him upset ("Can You Find it in Your Heart?").

    Meanwhile, Ren, Willard, and their friends are trying to find away to present their idea to the town council. Ren is extremely discouraged and considers forgetting the whole idea. Willard gives Ren some advice that his mother told him and explained that he can`t give up ("Mama Says"). Just as Ren`s confidence has built up, Ariel shows up and tells Ren that Chuck beat her up. Willard and his friends go off to find Chuck, and Ren comforts Ariel as they pronounce their love for each other ("Almost Paradise").

    At the town council meeting, Ren stands up and explains to the council-men, one of them Reverend Moore, that dancing is written about in the bible and should not be illegal ("Dancing is not a Crime"). The members don`t listen and the motion is dismissed. After the meeting, Ren goes to the church and explains to reverend Moore that he should not take his anger about his son`s death out on the entire town. Shaw kicks him out of the church and remembers back to when his son was alive ("I Confess"). The memory fills him with happiness and he realizes what he must do.

    At the next service he tells the whole congregation that he is going to allow the teenagers to hold a dance. They are overjoyed. Ren asks Ariel to the dance and Willard invites Rusty, telling her that he is even willing to dance with her. The show ends with a huge dance that even the Reverend and his wife attend ("Footloose/Finale").

    Footloose Photos from 2008:

    Lindsey Chester (Executive Director): 831-345-6340

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