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Scholarship Funding

How do I go about getting financial aid?

All About Theatre is honored to be able to provide financial aid to families in Santa Cruz County when they can. Each show consists of fundraisers, from Concession Sales & Silent Auctions, to Program Ad Sales & Car Washes. To apply for financial aid, please print out the scholarship application form & the policies that apply. No-one is guaranteed funding. Each show is different depending on the amount in the scholarship fund and the number of applicants.

What can I do in return?

We are aware that those who are in need of financial assistance may not always have the time to donate to our fundraisers either, but we do request that tasks such as flyering, baking goods for the concessions, soliciting program ads & auction items be high on the list of volunteer hours per family. Every family is required to sell 3 program ads per child for each show. After that we email out pleas for help. We hope and anticipate that all families will offer their skills in areas such as carpentry, sewing, hair & make-up, ushering and more...

Scholarship Forms

The following forms are in pdf format and should open on any compuer. If you have problems please email or call us. Information is available on the Contact Us page of this website.

Scholarship Form

Scholarship Policies

***PLEASE MEAIL TO THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS (not the one listed on the form):

All About Theatre
3338 Via Gargano
Santa Cruz
CA 95062

Interested in working with All About Theatre?

Lindsey Chester (Executive Director): 831-345-6340

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