Queer Youth Theater Council

Meetings to build Queer community within the AAT community

Every Month - Saturdays

Queer - Santa Cruz Pride

Leadership: Kyle Vasquez

Times: 4:00-6:00pm

Ages: 12-17 year olds (currently)

Location: AAT Studio (325 Washington Street, Santa Cruz)


Upcoming Dates: 9/25, 10/16, 11/20, 12/11

Every month meetings to build Queer community within the AAT community. The QYTC will meet to discuss inclusion, explore LGBTQIA+ themes and issues within the theater world, and be direct resources for helping to make AAT more inclusive and representative for the Queer community at AAT. As well as serving as a safe space for Queer youth, and potentially doing outreach with GSAs in local schools etc.

As we head towards Pride Month in June, meetings could become more regular, or increased duration, prepping to represent AAT in the Santa Cruz Pride Parade and creating a Pride themed performance with some of the gayest songs in musical theater.

As vaccinations become available to all - it will be open to all ages, but currently intended for ages 12-17, no group size limit. 


  • Meetings are FREE
  • All are welcome (including allies)
  • Must have proof of vaccination


We'll build the events based on how much interest there is and how involved the group wants to be. We will poll Council members to see what times work best for everyone and try to accommodate that as much as possible.

We are also considering doing Queer movie nights, or just watching a Queer themed movie/play after each meeting (optional for members), one issue with this is that most Queer specific shows tend to have mature content in terms of sex, abuse, depression, drug use, etc.


***If we go down that road we would require parent consent and limiting the movie part to older ages.