A 2021 Fall Musical Revue Fundraiser


Sundays 2-5pm: 

Company Rehearsals (All Cast)


Wednesdays 4-6pm: 

We are willing to work around your schedules for 1:1 or small group rehearsals.



Sunday September 26th

Wednesday September 29th


$195.00 Per Performer

(*donations of more accepted as this is a fundraising event)


Rehearsal Location

All About Theatre Studio

325 Washington Street

Santa Cruz, CA 95060



November 12th-14th, 2021

Age Range 

Suitable for 6 year olds to adults

(*groups will be assigned per song)


* must fulfill age requirement

* must wear a mask when indoors


For more information on our COVID Health & Safety Plan.


MTI's All Together Now! - A Global Event Celebrating Local Theatre is an opportunity for schools and theaters around the world to locally produce and perform an exclusive musical revue featuring songs from MTI's beloved shows.

MTI's All Together Now! is entirely free-of-charge to license with no royalty or rental fees. Your organization may license MTI's All Together Now! as a fundraiser for your theatre and perform it live, streamed, or a combination of both over a three-day period from November 12 - 14, 2021.

The revue features 15 slots for musical performances with multiple song options per slot, so theaters have flexibility with how they present the show. The option to choose from two or three fantastic songs for each slot allows producers to tailor the show to best fit their artistic/creative vision, the talents of their cast, and the composition of their audience.

Cast Information

Character Breakdown

Cast Size: Flexible Cast Size
Cast Type: Children & Adults
Dance Requirements: Standard

Performers will be worked into large company songs and dances as well as audition for the opportunity to get small solos to lead solos. (See song list below)



Financial Assistance

We offer scholarships!

If you require financial assistance please print out the application below. There are no guarantees and all applications must be received a month before the first day of the program to be considered.

Scholarship / Financial Aid Information

In addition, we offer a deferred payment plan (DPP) for families who cannot pay the lump sum upfront. Please email for more details.

**Please apply for a scholarship before registering**



Parent Volunteer Hours

We need your help! This is a very rewarding part of the summer production experience - there are many roles the fit everyone's schedule and there's something for everyone..!

To make all of this magic come together, we do request that each family contribute approx. 8 hours of volunteer time (plus additional 5 hours per additional child in same production). These hours go swiftly and really provide an opportunity to connect with our other families and to build community whilst supporting the greater process and your child(ren) as well as all those in the production.