Crewmates - Among Us parody

Crewmates is a Sci-Fi mystery parody of the hit game Among Us, with elements of classic sci-fi tropes from Star Trek and more. When a spaceship gets infiltrated by aliens, the crew has to figure out who the imposter is before they all succumb to mind control or death. Join this hilarious mystery romp with multiple possible endings, where the actual ending and true imposter will be chosen live on show night by the audience’s votes.


Wednesdays 3:30-5:30pm

Virtual Rehearsals will be weekly via Zoom

(A few additional rehearsals will be added for individuals to work on character development).


Preliminary Schedule (after casting):

3/16: ALL CAST Read through

3/23: ALL CAST Character Work

<3/30: NO REHEARSAL Spring Break>

4/6: pgs 1-20

4/13: pgs 21-40

4/20: pgs 41-60

4/27:  pgs 61-78





Suitable for 10 to 17 year olds

*please reach out if you have a 9 year old so we can discuss their participation



$295.00 per performer



Sunday March 7th from 3:30-6pm

Callbacks March 10th from 3:30-5:30pm

*Please prepare a 1 minute comedic or dramatic monologue for audition



Live Performance Zoom/Facebook Live

Cast login at 6:30pm

Show starts at 7:00pm

Saturday May 8th, 2021


Captain Jyn Zappa*: Arrogant and Self-Aggrandizing, they are in charge of the vessel. And  that’s probably not a great thing. [They also dress in overly official, grandiose fashion.] 

First Officer Cory Cyan*: Deferential and quite the suck-up. They agree with everything the  Captain says. Also not great at their job - they were only hired because they are the captain’s  brother in-law. [Color: Cyan]  

Science Officer Olive/Oliver Jade*: Calm and very logical, Science Officer Jade tends to  notice problems quickly, but is less able to get others to listen to them. [Color: Green]  

Doctor Azure McGurk*: Gruff and Grumpy. Always getting assigned the jobs no one wants.  [Color: Blue, plus a doctor’s coat.] 

Security Chief Harli Mudd*: The Security Chief is militant and stern. But is also obsessed with  minor crimes, and often overlooks the larger threats because they are so obsessed with  punishing relatively small infractions. [Color: Brown]  

Maintenance Chief Alfred/Alina Topaz*: The Maintenance Chief is lazy, and delegates all  work. Always eating. [Color: Tan]  

Officer Leroy/Leera Limón*: The Communications Officer. Very sour in disposition. [Color:  Lime] 

Officer Terunga Violet: The ship’s Navigator. A bit absent-minded. [Color: Purple] 

Ensign Cem Black*: One of the ship’s two pilots. They are very petty, and frequently argue  with Ensign White over who outranks who. [Color: Black] 


Ensign Terry White*: One of the ship’s two pilots. They are very petty, and frequently argue  with Ensign Black over who outranks who. [Color: White] 

Ensign Don/Dawn Cherry*: A younger crew member who is eager to impress, and gunning for  a promotion. After they are put in charge of guest services, they become obsessed with getting  good reviews on the comment card. [Color: Pink]  

Chef Jaundice*: They speak primarily in a strange language no one can understand. In truth,  they do speak english, but prefer to pretend otherwise, because they just don’t like anyone.  (The actor is invited to make up their own version of the ‘fake language’ as they see fit) [Color: Yellow] 

Cadet Amber/Ambrose Jerc*: Been here awhile. Purposefully unhelpful, as they stay out of  trouble. Lied on their resume. [Color: Orange] 

Intern Noob Crimson: Brand new to the ship. A bit out of sorts, but does notice they keep  getting the most dangerous assignments…. [Color: Red] 

Ethel & Linus Hinkleberry: Passengers on the ship. They are a bit much. They dress like  stereotypical tourists. (If genders change, the characters are sometimes renamed to “Ethan &  Lucy”) 


Klatu & Gorn: Aliens who sneak onto the ship in the guise of new recruits. They aren’t very  good at feigning their humanity, and yet most strangely don’t seem to notice. [They dress like very over-the top alien creatures. They are not subtle, which forms part of the  joke]