A 2020 Summer Production

Producers Production (For ages 10-16 year olds)

4-Week long summer production camp

Starts July 13th, 2020


Mondays through Fridays

9:00am to 4:00pm

Performs August 7-9, 2020


Tickets go on sale before August 1st.



Harvard's beloved blonde takes the stage by glittery pink storm in this fun and upbeat adaptation of the hit film and award-winning Broadway musical.

Based on the award-winning Broadway musical and the smash hit motion picture, Legally BlondeThe Musical JR. is a fabulously fun journey of self-empowerment and expanding horizons. The show's instantly recognizable songs are filled with humor, wit and sass — leaving cast members and audiences alike seeing pink!

Legally Blonde JR. follows the transformation of Elle Woods as she tackles stereotypes, snobbery and scandal in pursuit of her dreams. When Elle's boyfriend, Warner, dumps her and heads to Harvard, claiming she's not "serious" enough, Elle takes matters into her own hands, crafting a showy song-and-dance personal essay and charming her way into law school. Befriending classmate, Emmett, and spunky hairdresser, Paulette, along the way, Elle finds that books and looks aren't mutually exclusive.  As Elle begins outsmarting her peers, she realizes that law may be her natural calling after all.

Legally Blonde JR. features large, energetic dance numbers with an expandable cast of sorority sisters, law school students, hairdressers and more.





Ages 10-16 year olds

$795.00 Tuition

* there is also a 10% discount for siblings

Financial Assistance

We offer scholarships!

If you require financial assistance please print out the application below. There are no guarantees and all applications must be received a month before the first day of the program to be considered.

Scholarship / Financial Aid Information

In addition, we offer a deferred payment plan (DPP) for families who cannot pay the lump sum upfront. Please email for more details.

**Please apply for a scholarship before registering**



Song List

  • What You Want (Playoff)
  • Ohmigod You Guys (Part 1)
  • Ohmigod You Guys (Part 2)
  • Serious (Part 1)
  • Serious (Part 2)
  • Daughter of Delta Nu
  • What You Want (Part 1)
  • What You Want (Part 2)
  • What You Want (Part 3)
  • Ireland
  • Chip On My Shoulder (Part 1)
  • Chip On My Shoulder (Part 2)
  • Chip On My Shoulder (Part 3)
  • So Much Better
  • Whipped Into Shape
  • Delta Nu Nu Nu
  • Bend and Snap
  • Legally Blonde
  • Legally Blonde Remix (Part 1)
  • Legally Blonde Remix (Part 2)
  • Legally Blonde Remix (Part 3)
  • Find My Way/Finale

Parent Volunteer Hours

We need your help! This is a very rewarding part of the summer production experience - there are many roles the fit everyone's schedule and there's something for everyone..!

To make all of this magic come together, we do request that each family fulfill 20 hours of volunteer time (plus additional 5 hours per additional child in same production). These hours go swiftly and really provide an opportunity to connect with our other families and to build community whilst supporting the greater process and your child(ren) as well as all those in the production.