All About AAT

All About Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit which has been offering theatrical training and quality productions to the greater Santa Cruz County community for almost 20 years. We focus our energy and creativity on training our students in all the areas of performing arts; dance, acting and singing. We are honored to say that we have produced over 140 full-scale productions with up to 12-piece orchestrations. We have a year round academy of classes and workshops for performers aged 3 and up, with occasional classes and productions for adults.

We offer programs for the following age groups:

  • Rising Stars - pre-tots (ages 3-6 years)
  • Center Stage - Tots (ages 6-10 years)
  • Producers - Youth (ages 10-13 years)
  • Headliners - Teens (ages 13-17 years)
  • Main Stage - Adults (ages 18 and up)

What Our Community Has to Say About Us

AAT has always been a safe haven for learning, creativity and friendship. I have been a part of this company for 4 years now and every show I learn something new and exciting that I hope to someday utilize in a theatre based career. All directors have been extremely, helpful, kind and dedicated to the growth of each individual student. I love this company and encourage all young people interested in theatre or just having a good time.

~Jessica Pierini (alumni)

We love All About Theatre.. Ava has found her dream community where she can dance, sing and act to her hearts content! And she is doing this while being taught the craft by real stage professionals who have the experience and passion to teach children. The productions are well run, professional and of high quality. We will keep doing it over and over and over!

~ Heather Hamil Young (parent)

I love All About Theater! Musical anything rocks! Kids get to have fun and make new friends. They all gain new skills. We will be back!

Thank you Lindsey Chester!

~ Kristy Hamill (parent)

We started with All About Theatre since it's inception in about 2003, and are still doing it with our three younger children! Children not only learn singing, dancing, performing, confidence, team-work, multi-tasking, but they also form deep friendships. The parents also build their own community camaraderie. Lindsey is one of the most talented organized people, and always has a wonderful, creative staff. 

~Carmen Avila-Dillon (parent)

All About Theatre is a wonderful company. When I first started with them I was absolutely terrified of working with a group where I didn't know anyone. From day one they were such a welcoming group, cast and crew. I love these people more than anything and I love working with them. Great environment for every kid.

~Kara Dorsey (alumni)

Lena started by taking one the frozen musical camps and was in seventh heaven! It is the best. Lindsey and staff are friendly and professional and very organized.


~Joanna Eskilson (parent)

You can read more or see what we're up to on the AAT Facebook page.