Setting the Stage

AAT holds itself, its staff, its students, and families to a high standard. We believe that theatre is an "all in" activity. In order to create the magic of theatre we need to be empathetic with our fellow actors, with our staff, with other AAT families, and with the community we impact. What is empathy? Empathy is the ability to feel what another being is feeling. It’s an actor's foundation. By deeply understanding people, we are better able to acknowledge their needs, respect them as fellow humans, and form deep, lasting friendships. In theater, we are able to understand and channel our characters' motivation and actions more authentically and deeply. Ultimately, beyond the stage, when the curtains have closed, empathy enables us to broaden our range of understanding the world around us and provides us with a keen sense of emotional intelligence.

When you are enrolled in an AAT class, we ask that you practice having an empathetic mindset. This means many things described below, but above all it means exhibiting respect, kindness, and compassion for each other. Ask: What does empathy mean to you personally? For returning students: In what ways has your emotional intelligence developed?


Your AAT Staff of experienced and motivated professionals pledges to:

  • Keep students and their families safe
  • Be prepared and ready to start class promptly on time
  • Encourage students to do their best and challenge themselves
  • Lead by example so that all students encourage each other to do the same
  • Treat all students and families with respect and kindness
  • Never ostracize nor use intimidating tactics to coerce cooperation
  • Be inclusive of all students, not showing favoritism
  • Keep an eye on the "whole" of the production β€” the whole is more than the sum of parts
  • Openly share knowledge, skills, and education to develop all students to their potential
  • Fully focus on students during class/camp/rehearsal
  • Intentionally put away personal devices (except when used for production purposes)


As an AAT student you pledge to:

Prepare for Class

  • Know your call time
  • Arrive at camp, rehearsal, and performances promptly, dressed and ready
  • Ensure all "conflicts" have been recorded on your Registration Form
  • Ensure additional conflicts are presented and approved by staff
  • Come with a positive attitude to support AATs safe and supportive environment
  • Wear appropriate dance attire, shoes
  • Keep hair away from your face, so acting facial expressions can shine
  • Depending on your show, bring script book or 3-ring binder, pencil and/or highlighter
  • Bring snacks and water to keep you nourished and hydrated

Participate During Class

  • Treat staff, teachers, parents, and fellow students with respect and kindness
  • Respect the rehearsal and performance space
  • Intentionally focus on your teacher during class
  • Practice the first step of empathy: being a good listener
  • For returning students: introduce yourself to new AAT students and their families
  • When you notice a student in need, match their energy and ask for permission to check-in
  • Clean up after yourself and fellow cast: dispose of your garbage or recycle
  • Refrain from buying, selling, or trading merchandise of any kind on studio property
  • Double check that you have all of your belongings before you leave
  • Place lost items in the Lost & Found bin or locate the owner if you know whose
  • Intentionally put away personal devices (except when used for production purposes)
  • Leave class knowing what you need to work on before the next class

Pay it Forward After Class

  • Look for opportunities to be empathic with others: at home, at school, about town
  • Be proud of the training and development you have received as an actor
  • Express gratitude to your parents for their role in your development as both an actor and contributing citizen of the community
  • Bring joy to others in a way that brightens their day


As an AAT parent/guardian you pledge to:

  • Know how and where to go to be aware of call times, updates, and changes
  • As a new family, reach out to the Parent Lead/Coordinator with questions or clarifications
  • For new families: kindly introduce yourself to new families
  • AAT is family theatre, embrace the opportunity to add your personal value to the production
  • As the production unfolds, take notes and capture feedback surrounding your experience
  • Post production, complete the Family Feedback Survey; let us know what you loved and how to improve