Virtual Online Classes - coming soon!

2020 Classes & Workshops


As a result of COVID-19 we are moving all our current late-Spring and Summer Classes to our YouTube channel and are working on a subscription base to to bring specialized classes, training, inspiration and creativity to your homes.


All About Theatre provides pre-professional dance, music theater and acting training. We offer a wide variety of youth classes and workshops where students can explore and learn many facets of the performing and visual arts, including mini classes for our youngest students, ages 3-6, youth classes for students, ages 6-10, and age 10-16 along with our full-scale productions all year round and specialized teen intensives.


Our Upcoming Online Classes:



  • Storytelling - by Lindsey Chester, Lexie Bryant & Kara Dorsey
  • Monologue prep / scene work by Ginger Hurley, Kara Dorsey & Lexie Bryant
  • Improv & Comedy by Lindsey Chester, Lexie Bryant & others
  • Shakespeare - coming soon



  • Zumba by Mitch Lang
  • Cardio Workout with Dance Vibe by Mara Frey
  • Yoga Basics for kids by Harleigh Doermann & Kara Dorsey
  • Gymnastics by Harleigh Doermann & Maritza Pozzi-Loyola
  • Coordination and Movement - learn basic dance terms and also what’s expected and how to move your body - conceptual directions and body awareness by Colleen Doermann & Ginger Hurley



  • Tap / Jazz / Ballet / Lyrical / Musical Theater / Contemporary
  • Basic Steps & Techniques
  • Intermediate Steps & Techniques
  • Advanced Steps & Techniques
  • Dance Terminology - Education on terms and steps within each genre
  • Tik-Tok “like” approach to dance routines - how to learn choreography quickly (tips and tools) - by Ginger Hurley
  • Hula by Kara Dorsey



  • Harmonies by Kara Dorsey & Lexie Bryant
  • Choirs (SATB) by Gabe House, Kara Dorsey & Lexie Bryant
  • Broadway songs by Kara Dorsey & Lexie Bryant
  • Music Theory by Gabe House & Lexie Bryant
  • Song selection (as part of audition workshop/master class) by Kara Dorsey & Lexie Bryant
  • Musical Theater Appreciation Class (historical/introduce shows/comparisons/discussions/analysis and more…) by Lexie Bryant & Gabe House



  • “Fireside Chat” - see special guest list below from Morgen Smith and James Durbin to Bobby Marchessaults. Listen as they talk about what the industry is like - how to make it….
  • Music Production - local special guests



  • Craft (from slime to cardboard cars and more…) by Lexie Bryant, Colleen Doermann, Lindsey Chester & Kara Dorsey
  • Fine Art & Collages by Colleen Doermann & Ginger Hurley



  • Shakespeare - learn more about his complete works
  • Script Analysis 
  • Play Reading /Study Group - college prep read a play / study it / group discussions about each piece… Greeks / Renaissance - by Heather Young, Lexie Bryant and others...



What is really important? / How do we connect and stay connected? And more...


  • Yoga by Harleigh Doermann & Maritza Pozzi-Loyola
  • Mindfulness by Mitch Lang & Marsha Thompson



Theater Training - set design / costume design / make-up design /  lighting / sound / props / stage management etc…. We will talk about color theory and sound theory.


  • Costume Design by Colleen Doermann & Lindsey Chester
  • Set Design by Lindsey Chester, Lexie Bryant, Ginger Hurley & other local guest speakers
  • Stage Management by Lexie Bryant, Kara Dorsey & other local guest speakers
  • Make-Up Design by Kara Dorsey, Ginger Hurley & other local artists
  • Audition Prep by Kara Dorsey, Lindsey Chester, Lexie Bryant & Ginger Hurley



From learning how to put together choreography, staging and directing, understanding the music….. to what the audition panel is looking for when you audition…

  • Panels of directing staff talking about how and what they look for during auditions
  • Directing - work on set scripts to encourage students to think from the director’s perspective or become one themselves.
  • Music Direction - what goes into the vocal decisions and what they look for in vocalists during auditions to SATB vocal rehearsals to Musicians for the pit orchestra.
  • Choreography - how to put dances together, how to teach them, what you are looking for in dances and movers of all levels - tips on how to stand out in an audition.
  • Dance Auditions - how to improve memory / tools to learn quickly / retention and strategies.
  • Projects like dance assignments - “Tik-Tok” style - fast and furious and fun !!!

Please be patient as we adjust our lesson plans for online learning. We hope to start with some free classes starting the week of May 10th. Once we have settled into a rhythm we are asking anyone who can, to make a one-time donation or to commit to a monthly subscription to help support our online efforts and our 501.c.3 non-profit during these hard times.