New Classes Coming in Fall 2021

2020 Classes & Workshops

As a result of COVID-19 we shifted our programming and offered online classes (Table Reads and private voice or piano).

Keep you eyes on this space for our in-person classes and hybrid classes coming in the Fall / Winter 2021.

Potential Upcoming Classes:

All About Theatre provides pre-professional dance, music theater and acting training. We offer a wide variety of youth classes and workshops where students can explore and learn many facets of the performing and visual arts, including mini classes for our youngest students, ages 3-6, youth classes for students, ages 6-10, and age 10-17 along with our full-scale productions all year round and specialized teen intensives.



  • Storytelling - by Lindsey Chester, Lexie Bryant & Kara Dorsey
  • Monologue prep / scene work by Ginger Hurley, Kara Dorsey & Lexie Bryant
  • Improv & Comedy by Lindsey Chester, Lexie Bryant & others
  • Shakespeare - coming soon



  • Zumba by Mitch Lang
  • Cardio Workout with Dance Vibe by Mara Frey
  • Yoga Basics for kids by Harleigh Doermann & Kara Dorsey
  • Gymnastics by Harleigh Doermann & Maritza Pozzi-Loyola
  • Coordination and Movement - learn basic dance terms and also what’s expected and how to move your body - conceptual directions and body awareness by Colleen Doermann & Ginger Hurley



  • Tap / Jazz / Ballet / Lyrical / Musical Theater / Contemporary
  • Basic Steps & Techniques
  • Intermediate Steps & Techniques
  • Advanced Steps & Techniques
  • Dance Terminology - Education on terms and steps within each genre
  • Tik-Tok “like” approach to dance routines - how to learn choreography quickly (tips and tools) - by Ginger Hurley
  • Hula by Kara Dorsey



  • Harmonies by Kara Dorsey & Lexie Bryant
  • Choirs (SATB) by Gabe House, Kara Dorsey & Lexie Bryant
  • Broadway songs by Kara Dorsey & Lexie Bryant
  • Music Theory by Gabe House & Lexie Bryant
  • Song selection (as part of audition workshop/master class) by Kara Dorsey & Lexie Bryant
  • Musical Theater Appreciation Class (historical/introduce shows/comparisons/discussions/analysis and more…) by Lexie Bryant & Gabe House



  • “Fireside Chat” - see special guest list below from Morgen Smith and James Durbin to Bobby Marchessaults. Listen as they talk about what the industry is like - how to make it….
  • Music Production - local special guests



  • Craft (from slime to cardboard cars and more…) by Lexie Bryant, Colleen Doermann, Lindsey Chester & Kara Dorsey
  • Fine Art & Collages by Colleen Doermann & Ginger Hurley



  • Shakespeare - learn more about his complete works
  • Script Analysis 
  • Play Reading /Study Group - college prep read a play / study it / group discussions about each piece… Greeks / Renaissance - by Heather Young, Lexie Bryant and others...



What is really important? / How do we connect and stay connected? And more...


  • Yoga by Harleigh Doermann & Maritza Pozzi-Loyola
  • Mindfulness by Mitch Lang & Marsha Thompson



Theater Training - set design / costume design / make-up design /  lighting / sound / props / stage management etc…. We will talk about color theory and sound theory.


  • Costume Design by Colleen Doermann & Lindsey Chester
  • Set Design by Lindsey Chester, Lexie Bryant, Ginger Hurley & other local guest speakers
  • Stage Management by Lexie Bryant, Kara Dorsey & other local guest speakers
  • Make-Up Design by Kara Dorsey, Ginger Hurley & other local artists
  • Audition Prep by Kara Dorsey, Lindsey Chester, Lexie Bryant & Ginger Hurley



From learning how to put together choreography, staging and directing, understanding the music….. to what the audition panel is looking for when you audition…


  • Panels of directing staff talking about how and what they look for during auditions
  • Directing - work on set scripts to encourage students to think from the director’s perspective or become one themselves.
  • Music Direction - what goes into the vocal decisions and what they look for in vocalists during auditions to SATB vocal rehearsals to Musicians for the pit orchestra.
  • Choreography - how to put dances together, how to teach them, what you are looking for in dances and movers of all levels - tips on how to stand out in an audition.
  • Dance Auditions - how to improve memory / tools to learn quickly / retention and strategies.
  • Projects like dance assignments - “Tik-Tok” style - fast and furious and fun !!!