Only 3 performances.








London Nelson Community Theater - 301 Center Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.






* Seating capacity is reduced due to covid-19.


* All audience members must be vaccinated or have negative test results in past 48 hours prior to the performance.


* Masks are required at all times in the Theater Building.


* All cast members will be tested prior to each show.


Directed by Kyle Vasquez

3 Act Play


DURATION: approx. 3 hours

There will be 2 intermissions (15 minutes each)


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Set in a fictional New England town in the 1930s, The Children’s Hour tells the story of two women who are unjustly accused of homosexual activity by one of their students: one Mary Tilford. The outraged community (prompted by the influential Amelia Tilford, an upstanding member of Lancet--who also happens to be the indulgent grandmother of Mary) quickly withdraws all of their students, causing a witch hunt that ultimately forces the school to close. Not to be beaten, Martha and Karen take the accusations to court in a libel suit and lose-- despite the defense having no real foundation for a case (with the exception of Mary’s testimony). Their lives quickly unravel as they become social pariahs. After months of trying to clear their names, Martha realizes that she did in fact have romantic feelings for Karen, and eventually the guilt and despair cause her to commit suicide. At its premiere, Hellman’s The Children’s Hour was a controversial piece that caused the author to be blacklisted from Hollywood. Today, it remains a haunting reminder of the horrors of intolerance.



DETAILS: The production is not suitable for younger audience members as it includes discussion of distressing themes such as self-harm and school violence.



  • Mary Tilford played by Ash Lundell: A spoiled, malicious and bullying 14 year old schoolgirl, she is clever, manipulative and used to getting her way.
  • Amelia Tilford played by Marie Leninger: An influential, dignified and wealthy older woman, Mary's doting grandmother.
  • Martha Dobie played by Grace Jones: An intense woman, 28 years old teacher, she is nervous and high strung and is far less composed and self assured than Karen.
  • Karen Wright played by Ryan Finfer: An attractive, warm and outgoing 28 year old teacher, she is admired and respected by her students, emotionally stable and at ease with herself and others.
  • Dr. Joe Cardin played by Ivy Terrill: A relaxed and amiable doctor of about 35 and Karen Wright's fiancé, warm, easy-going nature.
  • Lily Mortar played by Sadie Richardson: Martha's aunt and a teacher at the school, she is self-centered, vain and very susceptible to flattery.
  • Agatha played by Em Lokey: A no-nonsense, middle-aged maid employed by Amelia Tilford. Stern and straight laced.
  • Rosalie Wells played by Rain Knight: A 14 year old student, unlike others at the school she is now cowed by Mary Tilford, whom she does not like.
  • Grocery Boy played by Rain Knight
  • Peggy Rogers played by Amara Clayton
  • Evelyn Munn played by Em Lokey


Other students at the school:

  • Helen Burton played by Ava Lee
  • Catherine played by Phoenix Humble
  • Lois Fisher played by Akemi Riggs